NIMC FEPs Undergo License Revalidation Process as NIN Enrolment/Modification Continues in NIMC LGA & State Offices

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The National Identity Management Commission (“NIMC or the “Commission”), will like to bring to the attention of our esteemed National Identification Number (NIN) holders and the general public of the ongoing revalidation exercise, which is a prerequisite for the renewal of licenses for all our esteemed Front End Partners (FEPs).

The revalidation exercise is part of NIMCIs commitment to driving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of data security amongst the FEPs. The exercise will also ensure seamless NIN enrolment and provision of modification services whilst it eliminates infractions.

To this end, NIN enrolment activities at all FEP centres have been temporarily suspended, pending the outcome Of the revalidation exercise.

Furthermore, NIMC assures the general public that the revalidation exercise will be concluded in the shortest possible time, as all necessary resources have been deployed to ensure its quick conclusion.

Consequently, the Commission wishes to apologise for any inconvenience encountered at all FEP centres in the process of NIN enrolment during the revalidation exercise.

To ensure that this exercise does not affect the general public, NIN enrolment, data modifications, and other NIMC-offered services are ongoing at all NIMC centres in the local government and state offices nationwide whilst we are working on a contactless solution for diasporans.

A list of all the LGAs and state office centres and their locations available on the NIMC website, www.nimc.gov.ng.

NIMC wishes to state that enrolment for the NIN is free in Nigeria! Approved modification fees can be accessed on the web page.

The Commission would like to thank the general public for their unflinching support for the success of the National Identity drive to ensure all Nigerians have a Digital Identity.

Ag. Director General/CEO

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