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What is the NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) is the unique number for verifying an individual's identity, connecting to his/her bio-metric details on the National Identity Database.

Your NIN is for Identifying You

Your phone number is for contacting you. Your National Identification Number is for identifying you. Get your NIN today.

Your NIN is Unique

No two numbers are the same - your National Identification Number is unique.

Enrolling for NIN is FREE

‘NIN Slip’ Not ‘Temporary ID Card’

Not a 'Temporary ID Card'. After enrolling, one of the slips you get is your NIN Slip. The NIN Slip confirms you have been issued a National Identification Number (like a receipt), and has your number displayed on it. Take good care of it.

Enrol For NIN Only Once

Enrol for your NIN only once. You get one National Identification Number for life. If you try to enrol a second time, your biometric details would match those already captured the first time in the National Identity Database, making the system raise a warning alert. Trying to have two or more NINs is FRAUDULENT and is a PUNISHABLE CRIME.

Guard Your NIN

Guard your National Identification Number. Do not expose it other unnecessarily.

Verify Your Identity With Your NIN

Use your National Identification Number for verifying your identity.

Many Uses for Your NIN

So many uses for your National Identification Number (for the National e-ID Card, international passport, financial transactions, driver's license, health insurance, etc.)

More uses for your National Identification Number (for land acquisition, registration for exams, pension, SIM card registration, etc.)

The National e-ID Card Requires Your NIN to Work

The National e-ID Card needs your NIN to work. Your NIN alone also works without the e-ID Card. Get your National Identification Number today.

How do you know if the information on a person's e-ID is real or fake? Get his National Identification Number to verify the card details

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