1. How can I apply for the card?

Self-service. Walk in NIMC, banks or approved agents.

2. Can a request be made in any bank to pick up the card?

Yes, cards can be requested at any participating bank.

3. Can a card requested for in a particular bank branch be picked up from another branch of same bank?

No. The card must be picked up at the branch it was requested.

4. How long will it take for the card to be ready after request is made?

The card will likely take 2 to 3 working days after the request is successfully made, much similar to the current bank card request duration.

5. What is the maximum capacity of the prepaid card limit?

This will be regulated by CBN and communicate once confirmed

6. What are the charges on the cards?

The charges per transaction on the card will be like the usual bank card charges.

7. For lost, stolen and damage card, what do I do?

Deactivate the card and request for a new one using the available channels.

8. If there is fraudulent act on a card, who should I contact?

Contact issuing bank.

9. Can a card be collected on behalf of another?

No one can collect the card on anyone’s behalf.

10. Who can apply for the card?

Only registered citizens and legal residents 16 and above with a verified NIN.

11. What are the functionalities of the card?

Identity and use of Payment services linked to bank of your choice.

12. What services can the card be used for?

Identity, Payment and to access government social services.

13. Is my personal data secured with the new card?

Yes, in line with data protection regulation and policy.

14. Can the card be used as travel document?

Yes, the feature will include machine Readable Zone (MRZ) in compliance with ICAO standard.

15. How can people in the diaspora get their cards?

There will be options for home delivery at a cost.

16. I am not up to 16 years, can I apply for the card?

No, till you are 16.

17. There is no network in my area, how can I apply for the card?

You can walk in to the any NIMC office or bank branch of your choice.

18. I am a foreigner, can I apply for the card?

You must be a legal resident.

19. Can I have more than one card?


20. If I have this new ID card, do I need another debit or credit card?

You can only have one of these cards either debit or credit from any bank.

21. I have changed my details do I request for another card?

Yes, a new card must be requested for if the details changed are features on the surface of the card.

22. How can I access my NIN from the card? Is it visible on the card?

The NIN is not visible on the card but can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the card.

23. Can the card be used for online financial transactions?

Yes. The same way other bank cards are used.

24. Can the card be used for financial transactions outside the country?

Yes, the card can be used both locally and internationally.

25. Will the government have unauthorized access to the funds in my card in the case of default government payment?


26. Why is this card different from other cards in the market?

The card has the capacity, flexibility and ability to store data on card for real-time transactions and verifications when in off-line mode.

27. Can anyone get access to the information on the card?

No one can access the information on the card without a registered fingerprint. This means the card is unique to only the holder.

28. What makes the card unique?

The card is different because it can verify identification and process transactions in any locations without internet, and with high uptime and zero fraud.

29. Does the card work with conventional systems?

The card is highly interoperable and works with conventional systems on open loop wallet.

30. Will the old card work with these programs?

NO. All old cards will be replaced with this new one on need basis.

31. What about those who paid for the replacement but yet to get their cards?

They will be issued the new card free.

32. Will the card be free?


33. Is the card mandatory?

No. Based on request.