Code of Ethics & Behaviours


ll employees of NIMC, working in the Commission, are personally responsible and accountable for ensuring that they behave in an ethical manner at all times whilst performing their duties at work or whilst conducting business on behalf of the Commission.

Compliance with this Code of Ethics is mandatory throughout the Commission.

The Code of Business Ethics and Behaviours document acts as a guide to all employees and can be downloaded here (PDF) >>

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Employees, consultants, licensees, agents and services providers of the Commission, and the general public are expected to abide by a set of legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

The Commission has a Zero Tolerance policy towards all forms of vice like extortion, unruly conduct, forgery, etc.

The Legal & Regulatory Compliance Requirements document spells out the need for the Commission’s laws, regulations and policies to be observed and contains the list of offences and punishments applicable to each offence. The document can be downloaded here (PDF) >>