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NIMC’s Mobile Contactless Biometric Solution (MCBS) is an innovative NIMC enrollment system provisioned on a Custom Smart Mobile device that support a faster and seamless enrollment of Nigerians into the National Identity Database with no limitation.

This Solution is one of the most sustainable and effective for NIN enrollment in urban or very remote areas nationwide.

Enrolment Kit

Mobile Contactless Enrolment Kit
The enrolment kit comes with a NIMC manual, the Mobile Contactless Biometric Solution device and accessories including a hand sanitizer bottle.


Hygienic Enrolment
In the era of Covid-19 and other emerging infectious diseases, the NIMC Contactless Biometric Solution feature allows the biometric process of capture without contact with the Enrollee. The fingerprint of the Enrollee is captured from a distance of up to six inches which, ensures that NIN enrolment is done hygienically. This method of enrolling Nigerians will reduce the risk that can be associated with the contact-based mode of enrolment, especially where a single device is used to capture the fingerprints of multiple persons.

Low Set-Up Cost
The NIMC Contactless Mobile Biometric Solution is very cost-effective to set up. The cost of acquiring a single unit of the NIMC Contactless Mobile Biometric device is relatively lower than other approved enrolment systems.

Urban and Rural Offline Enrollment
The portability of the NIMC Contactless Biometric Device and the designed features support enrolment in very remote areas. With the offline enrolment capabilities and portability of the whole system, Field Agents can increase the number of enrolment by impactful numbers of new enrollees. Enrolment time is faster and can be done on the move without assembling at a point. Each enrolment kit includes a power bank to ensure enrolment can continue for up to 2 days without charging the device.

Capture Quality
The NIMC Contactless Biometric Solution delivers a best-in-class fingerprint and facial capture image output quality powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Speed of Capture
Time taken for a full capture is 3 minutes with Field Agent know-how.

Easy Steps for Usage

  • Enter your Login details
  • Conduct a Pre-Enrolment check
  • Complete the Enrollee Bio-Data form
  • Capture Enrollee Fingerprints
  • Capture Enrollee Facial Biometrics
  • Scan Enrollee approved document
  • Collect Signature
  • Affirm Attestation
  • Submit to generate e-Slip and Tracking ID
  • Print out Tracking ID for the Enrollee
  • Notification is sent to Enrollee in real-time

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