NIMC QR Code Art

QR Code art you can use to share NIMC’s messages with family and friends.

The QR Code art below can be shared digitally across the Web and social media platforms or printed out on cards, postcards, signboards, T-shirts, stickers, book covers and so on.

All a person does is scan the images below using an up-to-date QR code scanner or camera on his/her smartphone and receive the embedded messages. The images also make lovely designs.

Click or tap on the images to download the large sizes.

Get Your NIN

NIN Chillin' 1

NIN Chillin' 2

Safe Business 1

Safe Business 2

Safe Business 3

Get Your NIN 1

About the NIN 1

About the NIN 2

About the NIN 3

Verify your ID 1

Verify Your ID 2

Verify Your ID 3

Verify Your ID 4

Verify Your ID 5

Verify Your ID 6

Digital ID 1

Digital ID 2

Digital ID 3

Digital ID 4

Digital ID 5

NIMC website

NIMC QR Code 1

NIMC QR Code 2

NIMC QR Code 3

NIMC QR Code 11

NIMC QR Code 12

NIMC QR Code 13

NIMC QR Code 4

NIMC QR Code 5

NIMC QR Code 6

NIMC QR Code 7

NIMC QR Code 8

NIMC QR Code 9

NIMC QR Code 10


Showcase 1

Showcase 2

Showcase 3

Digital Postcards

Digital Postcards 1

Digital Postcards 2

Digital Postcards 3

Digital Postcards 4

Digital Postcards 5

Mobile ID

Mobile ID 1

Mobile ID 2

Mobile ID 3