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Special Centres may be set up for enrolment in some areas to operate for relatively shorter periods of time before being decommissioned.

State Office Federal Low Cost Housing Estate, By Police Out Post, Gombe State
Akko LGA Akko LG Secretariat, Kanhawa Kumo
Balanga LGA Balanga LG Secretariat, Talasse
Billiri LGA LG Secretariat, Billiri
Dukku LGA MDG Building, Near Access Bank, Along Darazo Road
Funakaye LGA Funakaye LG Secretariat, Bajoga
Gombe North LGA Behind Gombe LG Secretariat, Gombe
Kaltungo Opposite, Lea Primary School, Kaltungo
Kwami LGA Kwami LG Secretariat, Malam Sidi
Nafada LGA Nafada LG Secretariat, Nafada
Shomgom LGA Shomgom LGA Secretariat, Boh
Yalmatu-Deba LGA Fage Near Area Court, Deba