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Special Centres may be set up for enrolment in some areas to operate for relatively shorter periods of time before being decommissioned.

State Office No. 29, Jonah Jang Crescent, beside Federal Secretariat Makurdi
Ado LGA LGA Secretariat, Igumale
Adoka-Ohimini ERC Legion House, off Ankpa Road, Adoka Icho
Agatu Agatu LG Secretariat, Obagaji
Apa LGA LGA Secretariat, Ugbokpo
Benue State University (BSU) ICT Department, 1st Campus, BSU
Buruku LGA LGA Secretariat, Buruku
Gboko LGA LGA Secretariat, beside Tor-Tiv Palace, Gboko
Guma LGA LGA Secretariat, Gbajimba
Gwer East LGA Secretariat, Aliade
Gwer West Gwer West LG Secretariat, Naka
Hausa Community Special ERC Al-Ihsan International Academy, Wadata
Katsina-Ala LGA LGA Secretariat, Katsina-Ala
Konshisha LGA LGA Secretariat, Tse-Agberagba
Kwande LGA LGA Secretariat, Adikpo
Logo LGA LGA Secretariat, Ugba
Makurdi ERC LGA Secretariat, off Ogiri Oko Road, Makurdi
Modern Market (Command Secondary School) Lane 1 Modern Market, off Naka Road, Makurdi
Obi LGA Before Obi Main Roundabout, beside Obi Primary Health Care, Obarike Ito
Ogbadibo Och’otukpa Palace Court, Otukpa
Oju LGA Oju LGA Secretariat, Oju
Okpokwu LGA LGA Secretariat, Okpoga
Otukpo LGA LGA Secretariat, Otukpo
St. Mary Special ERC St. Mary’s Catholic School, opposite North Bank Market, Makurdi
Tarka LGA Tarka LG Secretariat, Wannune
Ukum ERC LGA Secretariat, Sankera
Ushongo LG Secretariat, Ushongo
Vandeikya LGA LGA Secretariat, Vandeikya