Requirements for Card Transfer

Applicants who enrolled for the NIN at one location, then moved to a new location and wish to collect their e-ID cards at their new location can request for card transfers.

  1. Applicant must receive the card collection notification either via SMS or emails first, then proceed to the enrolment Centre where he/she would like to pick up the card, or visit any NIMC Centre nearest to him/her.
  2. Applicant must come along to the Centre with his/her NIN Slip, as well as evidence of notification (which could be via a text message, email or the NIMC portal).
  3. Applicant must make a card transfer request by filling a Card Transfer Form indicating where he/she now wants the card to be sent.

Service Fee: Currently free (a fee might be charged in future).

Timeline: Please confirm at your chosen Enrolment Centre.

Availability: Monday – Friday (8a.m. to 5p.m.)


    • Availability of network.
    • Availability of power.