Requirements for the National e-ID Card collection and activation

  1. Customer receives Batch ID Number via SMS.
  2. Applicants must have a 4 digit secret pin (only known to them) for the e-ID Card activation.
  3. Applicant’s fingerprints will be used for activation (for applicants with fingers only).

Process of Card Activation

  • Card Owners walk into the NIMC Card collection Centre and present the text message or email printouts received from NIMC with the batch ID.
  • The Card Operations Support Officer uses the batch ID extracted from the Card Owner’s SMS in order to sort out his/her Card.
  • The Activation Officer after sorting the Card gives the Card Owner the e-ID Card to confirm his/her Names and Address on the Card Envelope.
  • Following the Card Owner’s confirmation, the Card Owner is advised to open the card envelope, bring out the e-ID Card, and verify the Names, Date of Birth and Image on the face of the e-ID Card before Activation is done.
  • If the Card Owner is satisfied with the information on the e-ID Card, the Activation officer collects the e-ID Card from the Card owner for a Match-on-Card (MOC) Verification.
  • After the Match-on-Card (MOC) verification, the Activation Officer then Activates the Electronic Public Key Infrastructure (ePKI), Electronic ID (eID), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Applet and Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) Applet Using a four digit password created by the Card Owners (and only known to the card owner).
  • The National e-ID Card will be returned to the Card owner after the completion of activation.

To check your card status visit:

Service Fee: FREE

Timeline: Immediate

Availability: Monday – Friday (8a.m. to 5p.m.)

Dependencies: Availability of Network

Please note that only those who have received an SMS can come forward to collect their Cards as directed in the SMS. No one can collect your National e-ID Card on your behalf. To qualify for a National e-ID Card, you must first be enrolled and have a National Identification Number (NIN).

Below is an illustrated summary of the e-ID Card collection process:

Step 1

You must have received an SMS from NIMC

Step 2 (Collection Centre)

Go to the NIMC Collection Centre indicated in the SMS sent to you. Take your NIN/Transaction slip along. Mention the Batch ID on the SMS.

Step 4 (Biometric Verification)

Do a Biometric Verification to confirm that it is your Card. This also confirms that the Card has been properly printed

Step 6 (Fund Loading)

You can carry out actual Cash Loading on to your activated eID Card at any branch of UBA nationwide